Call for Papers

Announcement of Call for Papers for the 26th ENIRDELM conference

We are delighted to announce a Call for Papers for the 26th ENIRDELM Conference which will take place in Kraków, Poland,   September 14 – 16, 2017.

The main theme for the 2017 conference is  “Leading and Managing for Development”. The theme is, as usually, deliberately broad to appeal to the full range of expertise and interests of network members, both academics and practitioners.

It seems that development is the key value in educational context, which at the same time needs ongoing clarification and educationally adequate understanding. Development can be seen as a central value pursued by educational management and leadership for schools as organizations. Individual personal development of students is the main aim of all of us working in education. But, at the same time, personal and professional development of teachers and educational leaders in schools is important, as is the development of teams and whole school’s organizational development of the entire school. Finally it also implies the role of education in social development at community, regional, national and global levels is our long-term concern. We invite you to think about those issues and join us in Cracow to enhance our understanding of the role of educational management and leadership in supporting development at all levels

We encourage proposals focusing on the conference theme. What lessons can we learn from current practices in our countries and what do we need to do differently in order to meet the needs of our students, citizens and societies in general? During the conference we will be happy to explore such sub-topics as :

  • The understanding of development in your country, region, school.
  • Development for what?
  • Development at different levels (individual, group, organizational, social, global, etc.).
  • Collaboration between different stakeholders to ensure development.
  • Changing understanding of development in our different contexts.
  • Development and its relation to teaching and learning.
  • Factors contributing to development of students.
  • Leading for development in its different dimensions

As the main topic of the conference is a very broad one, our aim is to give a possibility to everybody to give his/her personal input in the process of exchanging of experience in leading for development in education. You can choose your problem for the presentation from these advised sub-topics or you can take your own research, case study etc. to fit in the conference theme. We hope you will all contribute your views and reflections to the discussion and debate and we look forward to  a lively exchange of ideas in Cracow in September 2017.

Practical information

Four types of proposals are invited:

Individual paper proposals (A full paper)
Accepted proposals will be assigned to multiple paper sessions, each presenter having 20 minute for presentation followed by 10 minute discussion.  The manuscript for a full paper is 3000-5000 words in length (including references, tables and figures). All full papers are double blind peer reviewed and must follow standard academic conventions (APA).

Symposium proposals
Symposia are intended to be interactive 60 or 90 minute sessions of several presenters that allow for more in-depth examination of a specific  topic or experience (research findings, policy issues, initiatives, research methods).  The manuscript for a symposium is 3000-5000 words. All papers in this section are editorially reviewed and must be clearly and coherently written.

Workshop proposals
We wish to make our conference a real place to exchange ideas and experience in a creative way. We therefore offer the opportunity to propose and run a 60 or 90 minute workshop to discuss on-going research in an open way and to share best practice and experience, etc. The manuscript for a workshop is 3000-5000 words. All papers in this section are editorially reviewed and must be clearly and coherently written.

Poster proposals
Poster sessions combine the visual display of illustrative materials with the opportunity for individualized informal discussion.  No manuscript is needed, just a short description of the proposal 500 – 1000 words.

All proposals must be submitted using this online form. Please follow the submission process, and review the submission forms for reference, well in advance of the submission deadline. (Please Note: Final Paper submission for publication is on 30 November 2017).

Final papers submitted will be published in two forms:

  1. As chapters in post-conference book with ISBN – working title “Educational Leadership and Management for Development” published by Jagiellonian University Press
  2. As articles in Contemporary Educational Leadership, international journal published at Jagielonian Unversity

Authors have to declare which option they prefer.
Incomplete proposals will be returned to the proposer and will not be sent on for peer-review.
It is your responsibility to follow-up if you do not receive either the confirmation message or the confirmation email.


To make an online proposal:
1. Read the guidelines which should be used in preparing the papers..
2. Open the online form and submit details with your manuscript.

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